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Steel Detailing Services

Are you a contractor who needs steel detailing? If yes, then I can help you.

How I Help Contractors

I run a drafting services business with two steel detailers on my team. We create fabrication shop drawings and erection drawings. We do so for architectural steel, miscellaneous metals, and structural steel.

I understand that you as a Contractor are looking for reliable and responsive steel detailing services. You want a service provider who will promptly answer your calls/emails, will give you realistic drawing delivery dates, and has the experience you need. I can provide you with this level of service.

My background is as a structural engineer. I oversee my two steel detailers. Together we create great drawings, are responsive, and are clear with our delivery dates.

We have experience with commercial buildings, industrial plants, steel stairs and railings, and wastewater treatment plants.

We've worked with steel fabricators and steel erectors.

We book projects on a rolling queue, that is to say, a first come, first serve basis. Give me a call today to discuss your project. I'd like to queue it up!


If you're in need of steel detailing, then please feel free to call me today to discuss your project. Call now at: 718.441.3968 or email at: brian@draftingservices.com

Clients Have Commented

... Thank you many many times for completing all this work so fast. Jay E. Butler, PE, February 26, 2009

... with all the great work you have done for us. Nolan R. Rogers, Turner Construction Company, April 8, 2010

... Thanks for the fast work. Adele Finer, AIA, LEED AP, July 28, 2010