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Existing Conditions Surveys

Do you need a good existing conditions survey? If yes, then I can help you.

What An ECS Is

The business tagline I sometimes use is "Buildings measured, then drawn." As I noted on my website home page, my specialty is creating accurate and precise measured AutoCAD drawings of existing buildings. Doing so involves first measuring, and second drafting. This process is called an existing conditions survey (abbreviated: ECS).

A more detailed description is:

Def.: The act of field measuring an existing building's physical geometry, in order to create as-constructed AutoCAD drawings of it.

The Service I Provide

As a drafting services consultant, my specialty is doing ECSs for architects, building owners/managers, engineers, homeowners, interior designers, and real estate professionals. I do ECSs of more than just buildings though. The structures I survey could be commercial or residential buildings, outdoor spaces, parks, single family homes, retail spaces, stadiums, warehouses, or etc.

The drawing types that my clients typically request are: floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, electrical plans, exterior and interior elevations, and cross sections.

My goal on each project is to create fantastic measured drawings, and in the process, to provide upbeat, professional on-site and off-site customer service.

And I understand how buildings are designed and constructed, I've been documenting existing buildings for over 10 years, and I've worked with more than 205 different clients. Therefore I know what building details are important to record, and the best ways to measure buildings. When I'm contracted my clientele get excellent drawings and professional customer service.

I suspect most drafting services do not have the experience I have, or provide the quality of service I do.


Some of my drawing samples can be found in the navigation menu to the left under "Specialty Samples", on my Portfolio page, and on my blog.

Also, project summary videos that were taken on site can be seen on my YouTube channel.


If you're in need of an ECS, then please feel free to call me today to discuss your project. Call now at: 718.441.3968 or email at: brian@draftingservices.com

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Clients Have Commented

... Thank you many many times for completing all this work so fast. Jay E. Butler, PE, February 26, 2009

... with all the great work you have done for us. Nolan R. Rogers, Turner Construction Company, April 8, 2010

... Thanks for the fast work. Adele Finer, AIA, LEED AP, July 28, 2010