Top CAD Blogs of 2015

Welcome, and wazzup! As has been my custom for the past 4 years, on basically the last day of the year I post the Top CAD Blogs of the year. Once again, I’m at it. Let’s see who ranked where.

As I explain each year: I ranked the top CAD blogs according to Alexa’s Global Traffic Rank. Alexa explains that their traffic rank is a measure of a site’s popularity. The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and page views over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and page views is ranked #1.

The websites that qualified for consideration were website that were:

  1. Structured primarily as a CAD blog.
  2. Active.
  3. Not highly commercial.
Top CAD Blogs of 2015

This year I considered about 80 blogs, but only 73 made it to my larger list. This is because a number of blogs didn’t have data for consecutive years, so I dropped them. My larger list is in table format below.

Here are two charts displaying the top 25 blogs.

Here’s the pie chart of the top 25.


Here’s the bar chart of the top 25.

In tabular form, the Alexa Global Traffic Ranks for the 73 blogs are:


Top CAD Blogs Alexa Global Traffic Rank
1. 198,034
2. 254,073
3. 362,605
4. 421,933
5. 478,834
6. 678,798
7. 745,066
8. 812,080
9. 883,535
10. 914,193 952,706 1,063,250 1,066,373 1,131,170 1,232,490 1,262,003 1,287,740 1,445,656 1,567,041 1,694,341 1,948,326 2,016,895 2,301,939 2,344,131 2,360,834 2,444,377 2,582,326 2,801,646 2,933,225 3,180,713 3,341,849 3,490,979 3,821,065 3,908,872 3,912,108 3,989,032 4,041,309 4,143,493 4,434,855 4,506,600 5,271,525 5,459,418 5,764,605 5,775,019 5,926,956 6,472,724 6,710,245 6,977,556 7,144,894 7,407,776 9,118,275 9,352,345 10,549,474 11,792,150 12,378,583 13,068,811 13,628,621 14,352,091 14,594,807 15,709,564 15,822,534 16,372,660 17,965,788 18,400,751 20,641,093 20,698,939 22,227,589 no data no data no data no data no data

Let’s congratulate Edwin Prakoso for his third year in a row as the #1 CAD Blog with his blog Congrats Edwin!!

cad notes

Congrats to the newcomer Maciej Stanisławski for earning the #2 spot with his blog Welcome to the top 3 Maciej!!


And congratulations to Shaan Hurley for his #3 placing with Way to go Shaan!!



This is a wrap for 2015. I hope 2016 is the best and most prosperous year of your life!


If you’d like your CAD blog to be included next year, then please leave a message in the comments below.

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11 Responses to Top CAD Blogs of 2015

  1. Brandon says:

    Awesome job as always Brian! Happy new year and hope you have a great 2016!

    Looking forward to see where my new site lands next year.

  2. Jürgen says:

    Congratulation to Edwin, Shaan and Maciej. Can you also include my Blog? Because of written in German the traffic rank could be low.

    Regards Jürgen

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  4. Sam Lucido says:

    Hi Brian. I listed my website for you to include. I believe it may be 5 years old soon. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Brian, It seems like I am late to the party! can you include my blog in the list too?

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