Top CAD Blogs of 2012

This is my second annual “Top CAD Blogs” post. I changed things up a bit this year, in hopes that it’d make this post more straight forward.

In last year’s post I separated blogs into categories. In this year’s post I’ve lumped all the blogs together. I also eliminated blogs that were basically inactive or highly commercial.

Once again I ranked the top CAD blogs according to Alexa’s Global Traffic Rank. Alexa explains that their traffic rank is a measure of a site’s popularity. The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and page views over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and page views is ranked #1.

And once again this year, the websites that qualified for consideration:

  1. Had an Alexa listing.
  2. Were websites that were structured primarily as a CAD blog.
Top CAD Blogs of 2012

I considered seventy (70) blogs, and listed them in table format below. The two charts that I’ve included display the top twenty five (25) blogs.

Here’s the pie chart of the top 25.

Here’s the bar chart of the top 25.

In tabular form, the Alexa Global Traffic Ranks are as follows:

Top CAD Blogs Alexa Global Traffic Rank
1. 350,835
2. 579,254
3. 647,649
4. 681,674
5. 708,197
6. 745,499
7. 759,999
8. 877,488
9. 952,326
10. 1,212,163 1,234,384 1,383,778 1,411,181 1,422,712 1,566,428 1,599,078 1,640,432 1,671,684 1,708,548 1,712,400 1,791,482 2,227,362 2,228,821 2,322,694 2,358,921 2,575,982 2,579,915 2,759,233 2,864,099 2,889,052 2,926,772 2,987,378 3,183,156 4,137,238 4,312,379 4,810,518 4,992,878 5,104,340 5,181,699 5,399,680 5,461,390 6,149,661 6,281,726 7,212,425 7,443,853 7,644,506 7,753,412 10,414,145 10,705,649 11,551,726 12,049,561 12,560,593 12,894,132 12,958,705 13,487,399 13,721,200 13,759,599 14,405,511 14,779,962 17,053,431 18,347,623 20,662,143 22,232,064 24,805,580 25,180,917 no data no data no data no data no data

The 2012 top CAD blog was Shaan Hurley’s blog Congrats Shaan!!

Also, second and third place respectively go to Jimmy Bergmark’s blog and Kean Walmsley’s blog Congrats Jimmy and Kean!!


That’s it for 2012!

If I’ve missed your website, then my apologies! Please leave your site in the comments below, and I’ll include it the next time around.

I’d like to include more BIM, Inventor, and Revit blogs next time around too.


About Brian M. Curran

I'm Brian M. Curran and I run a drafting services business in NYC. My aim is to create quality drawings, and to be entrusted with important projects. For some project on-site videos, please visit my Google profile.
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9 Responses to Top CAD Blogs of 2012

  1. Greg Battin says:

    I’d like for my blog to be considered for the next run. I currently get about 40,000 visitors a month.

  2. You forgot about my site.

  3. pls consider us next time

  4. Brandon says:

    Love the post Brian! I was supprised at just how many CAD blogs and sites there are out there. It’s awesome to see!
    And hopefully next year I can make the list, In fact I’m going to make it a new goal of mine


  5. tony says:

    Wow i’m surprised my site did not make the list.

  6. matt says:

    Dezignstuff would be ranked #10 according to Alexa. Are you really just listing Autocad blogs? There is CAD other than Autocad.

  7. If you can include my site also… It was in fact a blog (and still it is more blog then the portal), but it started to live it’s own life :)
    Available just in Polish language, but if you dcide to use f.x. Google translator, then you can have a lots of fun reading this :)

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