Freelance Drafter or Not?

“Are you a Freelance Drafter?”, is a question I get asked.

Sometimes I get contacted by prospective clients who are looking for a Freelance Drafter. They are either looking for a Drafter to temporarily complete drafting tasks in their office, provide short-term help in the field, or something similar to this. As a matter of fact, I received such a call this past Tuesday.

The workforce that these prospective clients are looking for would not have to provide their own tools (e.g. Each his own computer, seat of AutoCAD / some other drafting program, laser distance measurer, and/or etc.). The workers would merely need the ability to draft.

Within the AEC industry, these types of arrangements would be considered freelance drafting relationships. To be more specific, these relationships are nothing more than temporary / short-term employment agreements.

When I first started out in 2007, I offered myself to AEC industry companies around NYC in the aforementioned Freelance Drafter capacity. Then, shortly after I started out I realized that what I should begin doing, and so I eventually did, would be to function as a sole proprietorship business, by providing top-to-bottom drafting services.

To accomplish this transition in role, I purchased any of the basic tools that I didn’t already own. Then I contacted AEC industry companies and offered to take on some of their drafting tasks that I could manage and complete independently. From that day on, what I began to run is a drafting service business.


Today, nearly 5 years later from when I started, I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve begun to bid projects that are large enough that I’d need to hire my own Freelance Drafters to complete them. Things have almost come full circle, haven’t they!!

I still run my business as a sole proprietorship under my personal name, but now I carry general liability, workers compensation, and disability insurance for employees. At this point I do not have any staff, but I carry the insurance in case I land a large project that would require me to assemble a team of Drafters.


Therefore, no I’m not a Freelance Drafter, but could quite possibly be an alternative solution (maybe a better solution?!) for such a need!


Instead of looking for a Freelance Drafter, perhaps you’d like to consider having me service your drafting need? If yes, then please feel free to call me today. Call Now: 718.441.3968 or email at:



About Brian M. Curran

I'm Brian M. Curran and I run a drafting services business in NYC. My aim is to create quality drawings, and to be entrusted with important projects. For some project on-site videos, please visit my Google profile.
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3 Responses to Freelance Drafter or Not?

  1. Dunn says:

    Thanks for the view of your business through your blog and entertaining videos. The videos show the wide variety of work you do, as well as sometimes a view I hadn’t seen, seemingly of a city above a city with buildings on top of buildings.

    You never really said what you have morphed into. I assume the term would be ‘sole proprieter’, with a ‘freelance drafter’ not carrying Worker’s Comp and such.

    My work has drafting at it’s core, but I often use the term ‘detailer’ which I and others (I think) take to mean someone who doesn’t just make CAD sing and dance, but has knowledge of whatever industry they’re drafting/detailing for.

    This term may not apply to you, since it also carries the connotation that you are specific to one aspect like electrical, mechanical, millwork, etc., while it looks like you can provide drawings for whatever the customer needs.

    • admin says:

      Hi Dunn!
      My pleasure, and thanks for looking at my post. I’m technically a sole proprietor and market myself as contract labor. Freelance work is really temp employment, and I don’t do such work.

  2. LNWeaver says:

    I can see how the value of a freelance drafter evolved. It can be difficult for a company to maintain the tools needed to have someone on staff. I can see how bigger projects could need multiple drafters, though.

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